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You are a color: a shade.  The exact hue is mostly unique to you.  It shines if you work hard and keep all that is you upright and clean.  It dulls if you allow yourself to go slack and seedy.  It is yours to possess and care for, and no one else can do that for you.  Your luminescence is the only thing you can truly call your own--the one possession no one can take.

The thing is, you go throughout life meeting other people and getting to know just what their colors are.  But not all shades you meet will compliment yours.  In fact, most of those you encounter will clash or look horrible when set next to your own complexion.  You learn over time that things like magenta and evergreen are too different to ever match and get along.  And yellow and blue make a lot of hues when they work together, but they will never be truly compatible as individuals.  Or how silver and sapphire are a beautiful combination, but when rose is brought into the mix the whole thing fractures into a shade of gross.  White might look perfectly okay with any color, but it is boring by itself.  Black always compliments, but is too dark and empty to be withstood for long.

You can’t be without these other hues, though.  You have been given one life, just one box of a room to call your own.  And it is overbearing with just your hue plastered on all four walls.  You must decorate.  You have no choice but to invite other colors into your space.

Just make sure they are the right ones.  If you seek out your perfectly compatible color, and find someone just a few shades off, don’t think that you can make it work.  The first few years might be bearable.  But difference, that slight lacking in what you truly want, will eat away at your eyes like a bothersome, burning itch.  Finally you will get rid of it, if just for the peace of not having to look at a failed color combination ever again.

So choose wisely.  Don’t jump and invite someone all the way in just because they might work out in your room.  Call them to the door and stop and chat on the porch first.  Get to know their hue.  Be careful, because if you bring them inside just to kick them out again, they might leave a stain that you can’t scrub out.  Or worse, they may grow close to you and damage your own beautiful color with their departure.

Keep in mind that colors walk past your window every day.  You get all the time in your youth to sample their parade.  Allow the kaleidoscope to sink into your eyes.  Soak it in and dream of just the right color palate for your life.  In time, you will seek out the colors you need; the ones who will match up with you just perfectly.  Those are the keepers.  They will make you proud to open your windows and show the world what a splendid room you have to display.  Their very presence will make you happy to live out your days in happy companionship.
Your Soul as Chroma
("Chroma" is Greek for "color")

I'm really proud of this metaphor.  But I'm not sure if it's easy to understand for people, or just in my own head.  I love matching colors.  Please feel free to comment if you don't quite get it or if you really can't relation to the allusion.
Check out my aunt's Etsy:…

Her earrings are amazing.  I have some and I always get compliments on them.  The pictures are a little low quality, because I took them and I kinda suck (any advice is welcome).

Anyway, I also made her a DA page:

Yes, this is shameless advertising, but unlike most ads, this is really worth it.  Her scroll saw work is really good.
  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Reading: Black Prism (by Brent Weeks, no surprise there)
  • Watching: Sherlock (BBC of course)
  • Playing: at being productive
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Katara Ikard
United States
I am an avid book worm and aspiring author. I love to sew, bookstores are my happy place, and I unwind when I roller skate.

I'm a science/math type of person. I like biology and animals. I love riding horses. I don't just write books, books write me.

My parents are both divorced. I have an older sister. My parent's divorce was one that happened...and then kept happening. For about seven years now, they've caused nothing but pain. And they're still at court, fighting each other. I know, sucks right?

Other than that, there's not a lot you guys need to know about me. Oh! That's right! I lost the game.

Current Residence: Springfield, IN (not really :P)
Favourite genre of music: Country/Christian
Wallpaper of choice: Smexy Axel~
Skin of choice: fur or feather
Favourite cartoon character: Does Ed from FMA count?
Personal Quote: "Those who say sunshine bring happiness have never danced in the rain" -author unknown

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